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Winter Cereal Seed Varieties

Winter Barley

Cassia Winter Barley

KWS Cassia represents a major advance in two row barley breeding, and has taken winter barley production to the next level.
A combination of extremely high yield, sound straw characteristics, good disease resistance and a very bold grain, has made KWS Cassia a wonderfully reliable feed barley package.
Couple this with BaYMV resistance and KWS Cassia is, not surprisingly, now the most widely grown winter barley across all soils and situations.

Saffron Winter Barley

Saffron provides very high yields from an agronomically secure variety. Widely planted and well liked on farm, it is grown by those who have come to appreciate its year-on-year consistency.
Saffron is now the highest yielding of all control varieties and on a par with conventional 6-row variety Sequel and, because of its high specific weight, Saffron possesses none of the screening issues of some other two-row feeds such as Retriever. Quite simply, Saffron is very easy to grow. With good disease resistance and good straw characteristics, it produces high yields of bold, bright grain.


Florentine is an excellent new feed barley choice for the grower with no weaknesses.

Florentine offers high treated and untreated yields, superb standing power, excellent disease resistance, virus resistance, high specific weight and low screenings.

Its excellent agronomics allow for lower management demand, hence Florentine is an easy, economic variety to grow.

 Winter Wheat

 Alchemy Winter Wheat

 Alchemy winter wheat has a very high yield potential, both treated and untreated, and has all of the attributes to help farmers meet the very significant challenges facing them in the coming years.
Although very high yield will continue to be the key driver in the decision making process, for most growers other factors have an increasing importance. With the development of strobilurin resistant strains of Septoria, increased emphasis must be placed on highly disease resistant varieties like Alchemy. Alchemy has very good all-round disease resistance and was produced from the Limagrain UK wheat breeding programme which already has an outstanding reputation for producing varieties with durable genetic resistance.
It is also highly desirable to have stiff straw to maximise yield potential. When treated with PGRs, Alchemy is rated 7 for resistance to lodging, a very important characteristic.

 JB Diego

Now a leading UK wheat, JB Diego offers the grower a high yielding hard Group 4 variety with very stiff straw and a solid disease resistance package.

JB Diego has the added advantage of exceptional quality, with a very high specific weight. and high hagberg falling number. With its German origin.

JB Diego brings a welcomed genetic diversity to the UK winter wheat market.


Invicta is a soft endospermed winter wheat with a very high yield potential.  It has excellent agronomic characters with sound all-round disease resistance as well as good standing ability.  Invicta is classified by nabim as Group 3, has very good grain quality and is likely to be suitable for the biscuit, distilling, animal feed and export markets.  

Winter Oats

Mascani is high yielding, with yields comparable to Gerald. It is early to mature and has excellent disease resistance, particularly to crown rust. The excellent grain quality of Mascani should continue to ensure its popularity with


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