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Maize Varieties

Selecting for the correct earliness is different this year as the NIAB maturity class system has been discontinued and varieties are now classed into 3 maturity group bandings Very Early, Early & Late. Based upon our knowledge of local soil type and growing conditions and how current varieties performed in trials last year we are recommending the following varieties from the NIAB list, the majority being in the Very Early for Less Favourable Sites. The new NIAB tables now contain data regarding ME yield & Cell Wall Digestibility.

KentaurusIn 2011 Kentaurus became one of the most widely grown ultra early varieties in the UK. With its excellent combination of yield and unsurpassed quality, Kentaurus excels in marginal sites and offers one of the highest starch contents available. Ideal for maximum forage quality even in the toughest situations.• Ultra Early: 38-40% dry matter at harvest (FAO 160) • Extremely high starch content for maximum feed value but I feel that one let down is that it does tend to snout!

DestinyDESTINY is an early maturing variety capable of producing high starch and dry matter yields. Destiny will give a good ME yield and not leave you short of quality silage. Destiny has the proven reliability that profit conscious dairy farmers need. Destiny is a good choice for the majority of locations.
Destiny is a performance crop you can depend on!


ACUMEN is a very early maturing variety capable of providing high yields from a short growing season. Acumen will give high starch, dry matter and ME yields providing an early harvest with no yield penalty and this will give good feed values from excellent quality silage. Acumen is ranked number 3 in Starch & ME Yields in the new guides and 4th in Total Dry Matter Yields. A good choice for those more exposed growing sites that have a more difficult growing situation

ActivateACTIVATE is a Very Early Maturity variety capable of giving very high starch, dry matter and ME yields in a very short growing season to give a high quality forage for your ration. Activate has excellent early vigour, standing ability and stay green characteristics. Activate is predicted 1st choice NIAB Variety in 2013

AmbitionAMBITION is an early maturing variety with yields superior to every other early variety available! Ambition produces a big plant giving massive DM yields and large cobs generate top starch yields and ME values producing superb quality silage for every ration. Ambition has excellent early vigour, standing ability and stay green characteristics. A good choice for the majority of locations.

SeverusNew from KWS, Severus forage maize conquers all others for starch yield and earliness. With yields of over 18t/ha DM and very early maturity, Severus offers one of the lowest cost per tonne yields in its class. Add to this its high value starch yield, in excess of 7 tonnes/ha, plus outstanding vigour (8.5) and Severus reigns supreme.• Very Early: 35-37% dry matter at harvest (FAO 170)• Exceptional yields (over 18t/ha DM – 108% of Controls)



Under Plastic

Beacon & Aurellia are suitable for this purpose.Current varieties sown under plastic are those that have been bred for the continental market, which are later maturing. These later maturing varieties tend to achieve higher dry matter yields and so they better offset the extra costs of establishing a crop under plastic than early maturing types. Our own maize under plastic trials over the last 3 years backed the findings of 6 years trials in Ireland where it was found that Aurellia was a very high starch yielding variety producing more than double the starch of the control variety Justina. Both beacon and aurellia have excellent early vigour for that essential early start under plastic.


Grain Maize

For farmers who wish to grow grain maize we do have LORADO which performed as good if not better than any other grain variety in 2008. Good ability to hold onto the cob, not letting it break off. Good resistance to moulds and fusaruim.

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