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BlackBox Eco+ is quite simply the easiest ever guidance system to install and use.

Developed in direct response to feedback from the industry, it is designed to be the ultimate in simplicity. BlackBox Eco+ benefits from integrated hardware and simplified software, making it the most intuitive tractor guidance product available.

It is simple to fit and uses an on-screen start-up wizard for step-by-step configuration. Once installed, clearer and more informative screens make navigation and operation easier than ever before.

BlackBox Eco+ is ideal for tasks such as fertiliser application, slurry spreading, crop spraying and soil work.

BlackBox Eco+ Hardware Features:

  • Bright 7” touch screen
  • Built in Terrain Compensation
  • Integrated 10Hz GLONASS and DGPS receiver
  • Lightweight water and dust proof casing
  • Operates from 12v vehicle power supply
  • Plug and Play for Immediate Set-Up
  • USB and SD storage card slots



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