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Spring Cereal Seed Varieties

Spring Barley

Propino Spring Barley

Propino was added to the HGCA Recommended List for 2010/11 as a very high yielding variety with malting potential for brewing. This variety is under malting (brewing) tests with IBD and growers are advised to speak to merchants before committing to this or other varieties in this position. It has a yield with good resistance to mildew and Rhynchosporium and a low brackling risk.

Westminster Spring Barley

Westminster is a malting variety with full approval by IBD for the production of malt for brewing and which is also widely grown as a feed variety due to its combination of longer then average straw and good disease characteristics.
It has a treated yield potential around 2% below NFC Tipple but with a better specific weight. It is a medium-tall variety with good resistance to mildew and Rhynchosporium.

Quench Spring Barley

Quench is fully approved by IBD for the production of malt for brewing and may be suitable for export malting markets. It has a very high treated yield and a high untreated yield with good resistance to mildew and Rhynchosporium and a low brackling risk. It is susceptible to yellow rust and brown rust.


Sienna is a new, high yielding, non-GN, dual use malting spring barley, undergoing testing by the IBD for both brewing and distilling use.

Sienna has the best specific weight on the AHDB RL 2016/17; a trait desired by the industry. It exhibits many of the positive traits associated with the feed variety Westminster, offering livestock farmers a higher yielding alternative.

Spring Wheat


Mulika is now the only Group 1 bread-making spring wheat variety and the market leader. It was the first Group 1 wheat with resistance to orange wheat blossom midge.

Mulika combines a high yield potential, with short straw, good disease resistance and superb grain quality. These attributes ensure that Mulika is the perfect spring crop option to achieve excellent gross margins.


Spring Oats


Canyon is a very high yielding, 'yellow' hulled, spring oat with excellent mildew resistance. It is early maturing, with good resistance to lodging and produces a grain sample with good specific weight.

The good grain quality of Canyon makes it suitable for a range of end markets including milling for human consumption and animal feed.


Aspen is the highest yielding spring oat variety on the AHDB RL 2016. Its treated yields are an impressive 6% higher than Canyon. With stiff straw, early ripening and exceptional grain quality, Aspen is an extremely attractive variety to growers and the market and will lead the way to greater profitability in spring oats.

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